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Hello! Hallo! Zdravo!
My name is Tinea (not so typical name for Eurpeans, tho). Tinea means „glow-worm“ and „moth“ in Latin and centuries ago, Tinea was named a Latin goddess of light.
I was born on December 23rd 1988. in Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and, not so long after my birth, my family decided to move to Serbia (Note: Ex-Yugoslavian civil war made my family do it).
I was raised in Belgrade and finished my primary and high school there. At the age of 18 I moved to Austria for my studies – and never actually knew I will stay here. Currently I work and live in Vienna (capital of Austria) and my parents still live in Serbia.
I graduated in Sociology in 2013. and started to work in marketing right after I got my diploma. Apart from my 9-to-5 duty, I have some hobbies – music and blogging. This is my second blog so far.
I’ve been doing music since I was 9; I played piano and went to music school for 6 years. After that, I’ve decided to quit the musical education and started playing in bands as a keyboardist. I’ve had many gigs, many bands and lots of good times that I’ll never forget.
At the age of 24 I realized I could also start singing a bit, so I’ve started playing acoustic pub-gigs with a band, later only with a guitarist. I am still having gigs from time to time and really enjoy it. It makes me unbelievably happy to perform.
Here you can see a video of me and my guitarist Chris:
Why did I start beauty-blogging?
My passion for beauty started very immediately and for a slightly „different“ reason ; while finishing studies and waiting for my diploma, I discovered many bloggers and vloggers that were doing YouTube make-up tutorials and had lots of fans. I was enjoying their videos until I’ve realized one little thing – they were and they ARE literally camouflaging themselves with tons of different foundations, concealers, primers, powders, setting powders, loads of bronzers, blushes etc. and actually creating a new level of “normal” appearance for every young girl out there. You’ve always seen ladies completely changing their appearance and looks in about 10 minutes! I have to admit – I don’t like that. I don’t like already beautiful ladies creating "new faces" with make-up, I like ladies who are able to create a perfect look without even changing themselves.
And, that’s why I’m going to be there to try, at least try with my own example, to “convince” you of camouflaging yourself. :)
You are absolutely allowed to play with make-up, you can also have a huge make-up collection and still be yourself and have your own natural beauty. I am absolutely sure that each and every one of YOU that’s reading this is as beautiful as every Hollywood star and doesn’t need so much to do to look absolutely stunning!
Now, I have to admit some things for you: I am a huge make-up and beauty fan, but, I barely use any foundation. I barely use any eyeshadows. I am not a make-up artist and I cannot make the most awesome smoky-eye look. But I can assure you that a proper skin care (especially facial skin care) can make your skin be and look as flawless as an airbrushed portrait photo.
I am on my way for better skin, and I am about to take you all to that journey with me!

With love,

Tinea x

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