Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Makeup remover without oil and tears? Seems impossible.

Hello my dear readers! Long time no see!

First, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and much health, beauty and happiness for each and every one of your that has just read the sentence! <3 I am very happy and honored to have you and I hope that there will be much more of you reading my posts in this time next year.

My first post of 2015 is about something I was "researching" in the last three weeks - the best and favorable way to remove waterproof make-up such as mascara and eyeliner that is gentle and doesn't cause redness, crying, dull face and me being nervous about it.

I'm a lucky girl to get all the possible samples of make-up removers while buying mascara (especially if you buy a Lancomé mascara) and also all the salesgirls of some perfumeries already know me and my need to get all the testers they own, haha. :) Well, there is no other way for me to try something out and talk about it than that.

Long story short - many of these removers are awesome; I do like Este√© Lauder one the most (the one in the violet packaging) because it's really not oily and not so aggressive to my sensitive eyes (I wear contact lenses, btw)... on the other hand, this "thing" costs around 25€. I cannot afford myself such a thing because I am not willing to pay that much money for a remover. Someday, if I start earning a lot of money, maybe I'll change my mind, haha.

*  *  *

Since I wasn't satisfied with the prices of some high-end brands' removers, I tried some cheaper alternatives such as Nivea, Essence, Garnier... and wasn't satisfied at all - oily, aggressive fluids that make me look like a ponceau for the next hour or two.

So I started to think and research through the internet and see if there's something that could help me... and I found a magical solution:

1. Johnson's baby Shampoo
2. Becutan foamy bath
3. Hipp washing gel

Baby shampoos or bathing gels are not aggressive, oily and not causing tears, so you can do whatever you want and nothing will happen to you (you should have in mind that babies are literally eating these products while playing in bath). They remove all your make-up in a second and make your skin very soft and nourished.
These three products I put on a picture are my personal favourites, but you can use any baby product you like, the consistency is quite the same, I'd say.
The middle one (Becutan) is my all time favourite! (Becutan is a Macedonian brand that's pretty successful in the Balkans becuase of its smell, quality and low price range. I would personally recommend this brand to anyone, also to people with dry and sensitive skin.)

These shower gels, baths and shampoos for babies cost just a couple of euros and are the perfect alternative to all the pricey high-end make-up removers. If you are a type of person that likes to "wash off" make-up, I think this is a good solution for you. :)

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<3 Tinea


  1. I like johnsons, but never used it that way. definitely have to try out. xo

  2. Extra...i like Becutan too :-)