Monday, December 15, 2014

Tinea goes alternative on FashionTV

Hi guys,

last week I was supporting my friends from Archetype Apparel on a fashion show in FashionTV Love F Café in Vienna. This was, I'd say, the first time in my life to do a catwalk with FashionTV and an awesome alternative fashion brand (lots of fashion words in here, lol). It was really strange not to be super-couture on those kind of events, but I must say - I LOVED IT! A Birkin bag, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Versace dress are not necessarily all that matters.

I am the one in the middle :)

I supported Archetype Apparel from the very beginning - I was a part of their first photoshooting (as you can tell by the photos I posted above), had lots of fashion shows with them and I do wear their t-shirts and accessories. If you want, ou can check out their Website and a Facebook page for some clothing. They are really not pricey at all!
Archetype Apparel Website/Online shop
Archetype Apparel Facebook page

Take a look at some photos from the last week's FTV fashion show:

the girls are sooo pretty <3

I was the only one wearing sneakers! and my face is priceless :)
I do have to mention one little thing: if you do ask me for my hair... that was the time I've tested Sensai Moisturising Shampoo for the first time - you can clearly see how my hair looked like on that day. :)

So guys, I hope you liked this short post full of photos, and I hope you're going to come back to my blog again! Thanks <3

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