Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tested and loved it: Sensai Moisturising Shampoo

Hello everyone!
Yesterday was a holiday in Austria (Maria Empfängnis) and we all "office people" had a day off. I've really enjoyed this "prolonged" weekend and had wonderful time with my friends, got myself some new hair products (which I'll hopefully review soon - or do you want me to do the haul?) and got a little sample of Sensai Moisturising Shampoo.
Sensai is a Japanese high-end brand - their products can cost a lot of money (up to 200€), but the products I've tried yet are miraculous.

Last Saturday I tested this shampoo and was pretty sceptical; I have really long, straight, heavy hair and normally I use a volumizing shampoo since all the other ones are making my hair pretty slicked and too straight, but I gave it a try.

*  *  *

First, I liked the smell and consistency - it smells different than any other shampoo and it looked kinda shimmery-goldish; my first thought of it was "Oh, you creative Japanese people, I love you so much!" :)
It was a little bit hard for my hair to completely "cover" it in foam - it doesn't foam too much (which means that it doesn't consist lots of "sodium laureth sulfate") so I had to use a bit more shampoo than usual and repeat the process till I was completely sure every part of my head is clean. After rinsing off the shampoo, I've realized I need no conditioner at all (except a tiny little bit on my ends that are kinda dry) so I've used my regular one and rinsed it off.
Oh wow! My hair was smelling sooooooo good! I couldn't believe it. And it seemed very soft, too.
I was still very curious about my hair after blowdrying and styling it.

*  *  *

After regular hair styling (with a big ceramic brush and a professional hairdryer) my hair seemed unbelievably soft, shiny, silky and also not too heavy, plus, my hair still smelled fabulous (normally, after using a heat-protector and drying your hair, the smell disappears). I was really satisfied with it. On the other hand, since this shampoo is not a volumizing shampoo, it didn't give me that up-lift on my hair roots.

My personal opinion about the product:
Sensai Moisturising Shampoo is a wonderful hair care product that makes your hair look very healthy and beautiful, leaves wonderful scent on it and makes your hair style last for days! It makes your hair look thinner and gives it a proper shine.
Special recommendation: it's a perfect shampoo for normal, damaged, dry to very dry, curly and thick hair. If you have thin and greasy hair - I'd love to recommend you some other products to achieve better look :)

Where can you buy it:
In Austria - Douglas, Müller
In Serbia - Jasmin (they have Sensai make-up and skincare products, not sure about hair products - let me know if you find out!)
Costs: around 25€ for 250ml

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