Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Birthday Post :)

Hello my dear readers!

I am very glad that I slowly start getting new visitors (so my daily visit number of people is slowly rising, yaaaay) and at least 25% of of visitors are "returning visitors" (what's actually a good sign in statistics). I am really glad that there is a "small" group of people that do like my blog and this motivates me to continue writing :) Thanks! <3
And today is my birthday! Yaaaaaaay! :)

Today I'd like to tell you about mascara I wanted to buy for months; the biggest problem is that this brand is (regardless) still not hitting any cosmetics shop in Austria. I am not sure if anybody knows this brand in here :)

This time I'm talking about
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Well, I have to admit - the name is kinda kinky. :) I've noticed that many cosmetics brands like Nars, Too Faced, Benefit, Soap&Glory and some other are naming their products quite seductive, haha, maybe they want to break the "sex" taboo like that... on the other hand, sex sells and every product with a kinky name will bring every person's attention.

I was reading other people's reviews for ages before I got myself this mascara. There were extremely positive and extremely negative comments and I was really curious about it.

Too Faced Mascara test. And yeah, I never work my eyeliner through the whole eyelid :)

After trying this mascara on, I was glad my lashes were super-lifted, voluminous and and defined. After one coat, they were looking pretty awesome so I didn't want to pimp them any more (see photo above). As I tried to do that the day after, I got clumps and my lashes were looking like spider legs, so I had to wash it off and start again.

My opinion about it:
This is a good mascara. It has all that matters (definition, curl, volume) and I'd say it's more an evening mascara, since it makes that little dramatic look. On the other hand, this is not a waterproof mascara and it can easily smudge (if you're touching your eye area for sure). The wand is good and the texture of liquid is very thick (so it makes that voluminous look). On the other hand, you should be careful with it - it smudges while putting it on and leaves trails everywhere (you just have to have a tiny cosmetic pad becuase you're gonna get some of the product on your eyelid - or am I just so clumsy?). :)
Long story short, it's recommendable for mascara-experts. For beginners I'd say rather Too Faced "LashGasm" or any other mascara that has a bit simplier wand and texture. :)

Where can you buy it:
In Austria, there is no such thing as Too Faced. You have to try online shops.
In Serbia (and many other countries) you can buy it at Sephora.
It costs around 22€.

Thank you for your attention. If you have a question or anything, just write in comments below... and don't forget to like/follow. THANKS :)


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