Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello my dear future readers, followers, friends, lovers, friends of friends and welcome to "One Product One Song" blog channel!
This is a blog that's not about to be sooo much different than the other "girly" ones, except for one little thing - I am about to share all my love for music with you in my blog posts and update you with every single musical thing I adore and listen to alot. I am a very passionate music listener and an amateur musician, so, sharing music I love with you makes me unbelievably happy. :)

*    *    *

My name is Tinea, I am currently 25 years old and I live in Austria. I was born in Slovenia and raised in Serbia so, yeah, I am a little bit international. As I've already said, I adore music (I sing and play piano), visual arts, traveling, movies (thanks to my boyfriend <3), and beauty in every single way. Professionally, I am a sociologist that works in marketing and I love my job. :)

Before I start writing my very first themed-post, I'd like you to have two things in mind while reading it - please don't doubt my honesty and please don't be rude if your opinion differs from mine.
I am open for constructive critics, discussions, advices and collaborations and of course, as long as I can make it, I will be there for you.

*    *    *

You were maybe wondering why did I say "my new blog"? Well, I was writing an info-blog for future students in Vienna (in Serbian) and somehow I ran out of topics :) so, I decided to make a new one.

This blog is going to be written mainly in English so everyone can understand it.

So guys, thanks for your attention, hope you'll like my blog. I really do hope :)

me in Dubrovnik, Croatia; summer 2012.