Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big, beautiful, wide-open eyes

Hello everyone!

I am in a really good mood today. My job is finally being more interesting since I've started because I've got some more responsibility tasks and now I'm definitely starting to learn new stuff. The next little thing that made me happy is that my new oxford shoes I recently bought in Belgrade are now finally ready to be worn - they've been too tight for me, even if everything seemed alright at the shop.

In this blog post I'd like to recommend you a product I just randomly picked up while shopping makeup a couple of months ago (I'd say in July this year) and think this is one of these products that are far too cheap for the benefit it gives.

I proudly present you
Kiko Luxurious Lashes extra volume brush mascara

Kiko Luxurious Lashes mascara makes your lashes look absolutely perfect and at the same time really natural. You'd catch people thinking if you put fake lashes or you've been treating them with a lash boosting serum (at least that's what people say to my lashes).
This mascara is from an italian "drugstoreish" make-up brand KIKO. In Vienna they have independent shops, so you cannot really find them in drugstores, but they have online shop and ship worldwide, too. They are definitely not pricey, but the quality is often compared to some high-end products.

This mascara has a huuuuuge brush with lots of tiny plastic "needles" (I don't really know how to define these), which means that the brush takes every single eyelash of yours and give it a proper colour, curl and volume. Maybe that's why it provides such a fantastic natural look.
The fluid is not too watery, it's more creamy and mid-thick, which I do prefer.

left: with Kiko Luxurious Lashes; right: without mascara
P.S. Yes, I have freckles :)

I normally use this mascara for daytime because it really gives that natural girly look, makes your eyes look bigger, wider and also stays "in place" for the whole day! You are definitely not going to see any clumps, spider legs and many other "mascara issues". 

My personal opinion:
Kiko Luxurious Lashes mascara gives the best result to lightweight, silky lashes. If you have stubborn, straight lashes, you'll need an extra lash curler assistance before putting the mascara on.

So guys, I hope you liked my review, would be glad to hear your comments, opinions, suggestions etc.
If you are maybe interested in me suggesting you mascaras for "stubborn lashes", let me know in comments below.


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  1. Ja u Srbiji ne mogu pronaci KIKO kozmetiku, ali nadam se da ce i to stici za jedno par godina kod nas, jer svi hvale KIKO! :D A mi kao i uvek kaskamo za ostalim zemljama...
    Pratim te, zaprati i ti mene ukoliko ti se svidja moj blog :)

    1. Mislim da imas mogucnost da narucis! Pogledaj sajt :)

      Pratim nazad :*

  2. I love Kiko makeup! This mascara is amazing :)
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

    1. Ciao bella! :)
      Yes it is, I adore it.
      xoxo from Austria

  3. Obozavam Kiko kozmetiku...nedavno sam imala prilikom da je narucim i bas sam zadovoljna! ♡
    Post je odlican..