Monday, November 10, 2014

Aurora borealis in your bathtub

Hello everyone! This is my very first themed post on my blog, and it's dedicated to a product I've tried last week and loved it... so I am willing to share it with you.

Let me present you .... (dramatic music playing) ....

Lush Northern lights bath bomb! Purplish, yellowish, blueish Aurora borealis with sparkles and little stars that calms your mind and completely relaxes you. It nourishes your skin (no moisturizer needed afterwards) and leaves a pleasant, decent scent for the next couple of hours.

Well, this doesn't look like a bomb to me, to be honest, but it melts bombastic and it smells like heaven.
The main scents of "Northern lights" are jasmine and ylang ylang, so, it leaves very seductive scent on your skin. You will catch yourself holding your arm under your nose because it smells so good, yet not so aggressive.
This is by far my favorite bath bomb from Lush!

The color collision while melting is awesome too! Oh well, typical for lush bombs:
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The "minus" thing about this bomb is that it doesn't leave much bubbles, so, if you wish to have a fluffy bath, then you should add some bath soak to it. I'm using baby bath creme-gel for example, because it smells neutral and leaves nice bubbles. :)

Well, the name "Northern lights" inspired me and brought me to Sweden... to Opeth... to Sörskogen. I adore this song and it fits perfectly to a chilly nordic bathing time:

Sörskogen - Mordet i grottan

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