Thursday, November 20, 2014

A skin product for true beauties

Hello and good day!
This week wasn't the best for me. I was sick for two days and also very busy at work, so I couldn't think of even getting on the computer after work :( but now I'm here recommending you something everyone could invest to and give it a try... and I promise you that you'll like it.

Let me introduce you to a special fave of mine
Balea sanfte Reinigungsmilch (or in English Balea soft cleansing milk)
This is a very gentle,alcohol-free, rinse-off and really affordable product (it costs around 2€ in Austria) for all skin types that removes all the impurities and moistures your skin at the same time. It smells like apricot (apricot seed oil is the main ingredient) and gives your face a nice, fresh look.
I've bought this product in summer and use it every 2-3 days or every time I am not willing to put any moisturizer on my face. After Balea milk is no moisturizer needed!
Note: I have very sensitive skin (especially in autumn/winter) that doesn't need a lot of moisture, but it needs something to balance the skin. This product does exactly that (so you don't have oily and/or dry patches on your face) and, if your skin is not super dry, I think that you don't need any moisturizer/lotion/tonic afterwards. I use it normally right after I come home from work (around 5pm) or in the morning. You can use it whenever you want.

How I use this product:
Method 1: First I wash my face with a cleansing mousse and then I just put the milk right after that (on wet skin), work in for about 10 seconds and wash it off. Finito! :)
Method 2: First I use Balea cleansing milk to remove make-up and impurities - work in for about 10-15 seconds and then wash it off and use my cleansing mousse.

Why do I recommend you this:
Because it's really good for the price and makes your skin really really smooth.

Where can you buy it:
In every DM (DrogerieMarkt) store in Europe.

Have you tried this product yet? I'd love to know your opinion!
If you have a product to recommend and you want me to try it out, feel absolutely free to do it in comments down below :) and don't forget to follow me and/or like this post on Bloglovin. <3

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  1. I am sorry to hear that u are sick, please be healthy. Plus i always trust a beauty product when a blogger puts so much experiences on and i totally trust you my dear. I will recommended it to my friends.

    I am Royal from

    1. Oh thank you for your care! :) I'm ok now.
      And thanks for the recommendation.

      P.S. Your blog is AWESOME! xo