Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Birthday Post :)

Hello my dear readers!

I am very glad that I slowly start getting new visitors (so my daily visit number of people is slowly rising, yaaaay) and at least 25% of of visitors are "returning visitors" (what's actually a good sign in statistics). I am really glad that there is a "small" group of people that do like my blog and this motivates me to continue writing :) Thanks! <3
And today is my birthday! Yaaaaaaay! :)

Today I'd like to tell you about mascara I wanted to buy for months; the biggest problem is that this brand is (regardless) still not hitting any cosmetics shop in Austria. I am not sure if anybody knows this brand in here :)

This time I'm talking about
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Well, I have to admit - the name is kinda kinky. :) I've noticed that many cosmetics brands like Nars, Too Faced, Benefit, Soap&Glory and some other are naming their products quite seductive, haha, maybe they want to break the "sex" taboo like that... on the other hand, sex sells and every product with a kinky name will bring every person's attention.

I was reading other people's reviews for ages before I got myself this mascara. There were extremely positive and extremely negative comments and I was really curious about it.

Too Faced Mascara test. And yeah, I never work my eyeliner through the whole eyelid :)

After trying this mascara on, I was glad my lashes were super-lifted, voluminous and and defined. After one coat, they were looking pretty awesome so I didn't want to pimp them any more (see photo above). As I tried to do that the day after, I got clumps and my lashes were looking like spider legs, so I had to wash it off and start again.

My opinion about it:
This is a good mascara. It has all that matters (definition, curl, volume) and I'd say it's more an evening mascara, since it makes that little dramatic look. On the other hand, this is not a waterproof mascara and it can easily smudge (if you're touching your eye area for sure). The wand is good and the texture of liquid is very thick (so it makes that voluminous look). On the other hand, you should be careful with it - it smudges while putting it on and leaves trails everywhere (you just have to have a tiny cosmetic pad becuase you're gonna get some of the product on your eyelid - or am I just so clumsy?). :)
Long story short, it's recommendable for mascara-experts. For beginners I'd say rather Too Faced "LashGasm" or any other mascara that has a bit simplier wand and texture. :)

Where can you buy it:
In Austria, there is no such thing as Too Faced. You have to try online shops.
In Serbia (and many other countries) you can buy it at Sephora.
It costs around 22€.

Thank you for your attention. If you have a question or anything, just write in comments below... and don't forget to like/follow. THANKS :)


Monday, December 15, 2014

Tinea goes alternative on FashionTV

Hi guys,

last week I was supporting my friends from Archetype Apparel on a fashion show in FashionTV Love F Café in Vienna. This was, I'd say, the first time in my life to do a catwalk with FashionTV and an awesome alternative fashion brand (lots of fashion words in here, lol). It was really strange not to be super-couture on those kind of events, but I must say - I LOVED IT! A Birkin bag, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Versace dress are not necessarily all that matters.

I am the one in the middle :)

I supported Archetype Apparel from the very beginning - I was a part of their first photoshooting (as you can tell by the photos I posted above), had lots of fashion shows with them and I do wear their t-shirts and accessories. If you want, ou can check out their Website and a Facebook page for some clothing. They are really not pricey at all!
Archetype Apparel Website/Online shop
Archetype Apparel Facebook page

Take a look at some photos from the last week's FTV fashion show:

the girls are sooo pretty <3

I was the only one wearing sneakers! and my face is priceless :)
I do have to mention one little thing: if you do ask me for my hair... that was the time I've tested Sensai Moisturising Shampoo for the first time - you can clearly see how my hair looked like on that day. :)

So guys, I hope you liked this short post full of photos, and I hope you're going to come back to my blog again! Thanks <3

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tested and loved it: Sensai Moisturising Shampoo

Hello everyone!
Yesterday was a holiday in Austria (Maria Empfängnis) and we all "office people" had a day off. I've really enjoyed this "prolonged" weekend and had wonderful time with my friends, got myself some new hair products (which I'll hopefully review soon - or do you want me to do the haul?) and got a little sample of Sensai Moisturising Shampoo.
Sensai is a Japanese high-end brand - their products can cost a lot of money (up to 200€), but the products I've tried yet are miraculous.

Last Saturday I tested this shampoo and was pretty sceptical; I have really long, straight, heavy hair and normally I use a volumizing shampoo since all the other ones are making my hair pretty slicked and too straight, but I gave it a try.

*  *  *

First, I liked the smell and consistency - it smells different than any other shampoo and it looked kinda shimmery-goldish; my first thought of it was "Oh, you creative Japanese people, I love you so much!" :)
It was a little bit hard for my hair to completely "cover" it in foam - it doesn't foam too much (which means that it doesn't consist lots of "sodium laureth sulfate") so I had to use a bit more shampoo than usual and repeat the process till I was completely sure every part of my head is clean. After rinsing off the shampoo, I've realized I need no conditioner at all (except a tiny little bit on my ends that are kinda dry) so I've used my regular one and rinsed it off.
Oh wow! My hair was smelling sooooooo good! I couldn't believe it. And it seemed very soft, too.
I was still very curious about my hair after blowdrying and styling it.

*  *  *

After regular hair styling (with a big ceramic brush and a professional hairdryer) my hair seemed unbelievably soft, shiny, silky and also not too heavy, plus, my hair still smelled fabulous (normally, after using a heat-protector and drying your hair, the smell disappears). I was really satisfied with it. On the other hand, since this shampoo is not a volumizing shampoo, it didn't give me that up-lift on my hair roots.

My personal opinion about the product:
Sensai Moisturising Shampoo is a wonderful hair care product that makes your hair look very healthy and beautiful, leaves wonderful scent on it and makes your hair style last for days! It makes your hair look thinner and gives it a proper shine.
Special recommendation: it's a perfect shampoo for normal, damaged, dry to very dry, curly and thick hair. If you have thin and greasy hair - I'd love to recommend you some other products to achieve better look :)

Where can you buy it:
In Austria - Douglas, Müller
In Serbia - Jasmin (they have Sensai make-up and skincare products, not sure about hair products - let me know if you find out!)
Costs: around 25€ for 250ml

Did you like this review? Please let me know in comments below!
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Tinea xx

Friday, December 5, 2014

1,2,3 beauty!

Hello everyone!

Today I really want to recommend you something everyone needs from time to time - if you are clumsy, emotional and tired for days, there's something that can save your life.
I am doing this review/recommendation because I was using this product recently - I've got some dark circles under my eyes because I didn't sleep so well, I was emotional the last couple of days (happy emotional tho, cried cos I've finally got a new flat, hehe) and yeah... the last thing... I suceeded to cut myself under my eye with a paper sheet.

In those situations, I needed a cover-up. I cannot go to work looking like I was sick. I was having some meetings and I was seeing my boss every day, so, this is one of the rerasons for using it.

It's not pricey, it does wonders, makes you look flawless when you're actually not (nobody's perfect):
Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation
This foundation has a good coverage (but not like MAC's Studio Fix Fluid or Dior Forever for example) and it conceales all the imperfections. If you find your ideal shade, you can just put it on places you need to conceal, but you can also put it all over your face (which I'd personally never recommend).
The trick about this foundation is in its pigments:
3 colour correcting pigments
1. Yellow pigments – conceals dark circles for a rested look
2. Mauve pigments – corrects dullness for radiance
3. Green pigments – neutralises redness for an even out the complexion
(Source: www.bourjois.co.uk)
This foundation is for all skin types; don't forget to prepare your skin for this properly - use a moisturizer and a primer!

The way I was using it was just locally - under my eyes, a little bit on my T-zone and on the "cut-spot". I didn't use a concealer for that because concealer looks too obvious on my skin - this foundation looks natural and makes that "airbrush" effect. It's always good for bad-face days :)
I prefer to put my foundation with my fingers - if you prefer a brush or a sponge, it's your own decision. I prefer fingers.

Source: mywalletisdead.blogspot.com

Where can you buy it:
Bourjois is not available in Austria anymore, so you can count on online shops or Amazon.
In Serbia, you can find it in Jasmin.
This foundation costs around 13€ and it's a "drugstore" product.

So, my ladies, I hope you liked this short recommendation and I hope you'll be willing to hit that "join this site" button or follow me on Bloglovin'.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The way I love denim

I'm normally not a huge fan of jeans/denim clothing; I don't like the material, I'm not a huge fan of coloring (I don't know why I never liked that blue color - I always thought it doesn't suit me) and also not a huge fan of boiling in these when it starts being just a little bit warmer than usual and freezing when it's windy.

On the other hand, being stylish with denim clothes or double denim trends made me go crazy about it, and here are some inspiration pictures (some of these are going to be in my wardrobe soon ❤).


So, this is how I do love denim! Very feminine, stylish, a little bit sexy and timeless. :)
How do you like it? I'd love to know what you have to say!
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Tinea x

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For the smoothest skin ever

Hello my dear readers and friends! I haven't been posting in a while. I am having really hard time now, looking for another place to stay, kind of starting a new life and that's not easy.
I have wasted two years of my life on something that wasn't for me and now it's time to fix it.

Yesterday I came at my friend's home really late and wanted to have a nice bath, but I couldn't. I was feeling kinda shy to do that (because just a couple of days ago I've had my own bathtub, owh :( ). I was really thinking of what to do and how to treat myself after a long, stressful weekend I've had.

There is one product that simply makes your skin as soft and as smooth as silk after every shower and also leaves you a very pleasant scent for the whole time.

An introduction is needed:
❤Collistar Talasso Shower Cream❤
I really cannot describe you the scent properly - it smells kinda seaweedish, herby and a little bit minty to me (it also says it's made out of sea extracts and essential oils). It's a shower cream, so it feels like a moisturizer that foams really good, so you don't have to pour out a lot of the product.
I highly recommend this shower cream to everyone, especially to people with dry skin and even more for everyine during cold times. You will really not believe how nourishing this shower cream is and how soft your skin is going to be!

I know this product is a little bit expensive (it costs around 15€ for 250ml) but it's really worth the money.

Where can you buy it:
In Austria/Germany in Parfumerie Douglas (in Austria only the bigger ones have it - Kärntner Straße and Mariahilferstraße/Zieglergasse).
In Serbia in Jasmin.

Have you tried this product yet? I'd love to know your opinion!
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And a song for today is:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A skin product for true beauties

Hello and good day!
This week wasn't the best for me. I was sick for two days and also very busy at work, so I couldn't think of even getting on the computer after work :( but now I'm here recommending you something everyone could invest to and give it a try... and I promise you that you'll like it.

Let me introduce you to a special fave of mine
Balea sanfte Reinigungsmilch (or in English Balea soft cleansing milk)
This is a very gentle,alcohol-free, rinse-off and really affordable product (it costs around 2€ in Austria) for all skin types that removes all the impurities and moistures your skin at the same time. It smells like apricot (apricot seed oil is the main ingredient) and gives your face a nice, fresh look.
I've bought this product in summer and use it every 2-3 days or every time I am not willing to put any moisturizer on my face. After Balea milk is no moisturizer needed!
Note: I have very sensitive skin (especially in autumn/winter) that doesn't need a lot of moisture, but it needs something to balance the skin. This product does exactly that (so you don't have oily and/or dry patches on your face) and, if your skin is not super dry, I think that you don't need any moisturizer/lotion/tonic afterwards. I use it normally right after I come home from work (around 5pm) or in the morning. You can use it whenever you want.

How I use this product:
Method 1: First I wash my face with a cleansing mousse and then I just put the milk right after that (on wet skin), work in for about 10 seconds and wash it off. Finito! :)
Method 2: First I use Balea cleansing milk to remove make-up and impurities - work in for about 10-15 seconds and then wash it off and use my cleansing mousse.

Why do I recommend you this:
Because it's really good for the price and makes your skin really really smooth.

Where can you buy it:
In every DM (DrogerieMarkt) store in Europe.

Have you tried this product yet? I'd love to know your opinion!
If you have a product to recommend and you want me to try it out, feel absolutely free to do it in comments down below :) and don't forget to follow me and/or like this post on Bloglovin. <3

As always, a song recommendation included. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Seductive Chanel

Oh hello weekend! Nice to see you again :)
I'm always very tired after my working week, so I do like to have a good sleep and a good night out to release myself from all the during-the-week stress... and it feels soooo good!

Today I'm about to tell you about a product I've just purchased and really really liked. There is nothing much to say, it's just so beautiful.

Let me present you
Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss
This packaging is so sleek and elegant. I really like this method of opening the package - you just press this golden part and take out the wand full of glossy wonders. (it's the same as Rouge Allure)
The lipgloss is not so much different that many others, except for one little thing - it is slightly more pigmented than many other lip glosses I've tried (you can easily compare it to a moisturizing lipstick) and it leaves a very strong gloss which I currently like.

I've got it in shade 18 called "Seduction" because this color suits me, my skin tone and my hair color (and this is also my all-time favorite lip color).
A small presentation on my lips on daylight :)
As you can see, this is not an aggressive shade, so it's suitable for daytime and for nighttime. As an option, you can layer this gloss or just fill up your lips with a lip pencil for a more pigmented effect, you can also play with different colors... but honestly, I'm not such a huge fan of putting too much lip-stuff at the same time right now. :)

I think I'm going to purchase shade 19 "Pirate", too. Gosh, I really like these.

Let me hear your opinions in comments down below... if you like this post, please share it! Thanks! <3

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A sing that perfectly fits to this post:
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big, beautiful, wide-open eyes

Hello everyone!

I am in a really good mood today. My job is finally being more interesting since I've started because I've got some more responsibility tasks and now I'm definitely starting to learn new stuff. The next little thing that made me happy is that my new oxford shoes I recently bought in Belgrade are now finally ready to be worn - they've been too tight for me, even if everything seemed alright at the shop.

In this blog post I'd like to recommend you a product I just randomly picked up while shopping makeup a couple of months ago (I'd say in July this year) and think this is one of these products that are far too cheap for the benefit it gives.

I proudly present you
Kiko Luxurious Lashes extra volume brush mascara

Kiko Luxurious Lashes mascara makes your lashes look absolutely perfect and at the same time really natural. You'd catch people thinking if you put fake lashes or you've been treating them with a lash boosting serum (at least that's what people say to my lashes).
This mascara is from an italian "drugstoreish" make-up brand KIKO. In Vienna they have independent shops, so you cannot really find them in drugstores, but they have online shop and ship worldwide, too. They are definitely not pricey, but the quality is often compared to some high-end products.

This mascara has a huuuuuge brush with lots of tiny plastic "needles" (I don't really know how to define these), which means that the brush takes every single eyelash of yours and give it a proper colour, curl and volume. Maybe that's why it provides such a fantastic natural look.
The fluid is not too watery, it's more creamy and mid-thick, which I do prefer.

left: with Kiko Luxurious Lashes; right: without mascara
P.S. Yes, I have freckles :)

I normally use this mascara for daytime because it really gives that natural girly look, makes your eyes look bigger, wider and also stays "in place" for the whole day! You are definitely not going to see any clumps, spider legs and many other "mascara issues". 

My personal opinion:
Kiko Luxurious Lashes mascara gives the best result to lightweight, silky lashes. If you have stubborn, straight lashes, you'll need an extra lash curler assistance before putting the mascara on.

So guys, I hope you liked my review, would be glad to hear your comments, opinions, suggestions etc.
If you are maybe interested in me suggesting you mascaras for "stubborn lashes", let me know in comments below.


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In the end... a perfect song for rainy, autumnal days.

Crosses - Thholyghst

Monday, November 10, 2014

Aurora borealis in your bathtub

Hello everyone! This is my very first themed post on my blog, and it's dedicated to a product I've tried last week and loved it... so I am willing to share it with you.

Let me present you .... (dramatic music playing) ....

Lush Northern lights bath bomb! Purplish, yellowish, blueish Aurora borealis with sparkles and little stars that calms your mind and completely relaxes you. It nourishes your skin (no moisturizer needed afterwards) and leaves a pleasant, decent scent for the next couple of hours.

Well, this doesn't look like a bomb to me, to be honest, but it melts bombastic and it smells like heaven.
The main scents of "Northern lights" are jasmine and ylang ylang, so, it leaves very seductive scent on your skin. You will catch yourself holding your arm under your nose because it smells so good, yet not so aggressive.
This is by far my favorite bath bomb from Lush!

The color collision while melting is awesome too! Oh well, typical for lush bombs:
photo credits: amazinglush.wordpress.com
The "minus" thing about this bomb is that it doesn't leave much bubbles, so, if you wish to have a fluffy bath, then you should add some bath soak to it. I'm using baby bath creme-gel for example, because it smells neutral and leaves nice bubbles. :)

Well, the name "Northern lights" inspired me and brought me to Sweden... to Opeth... to Sörskogen. I adore this song and it fits perfectly to a chilly nordic bathing time:

Sörskogen - Mordet i grottan

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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello my dear future readers, followers, friends, lovers, friends of friends and welcome to "One Product One Song" blog channel!
This is a blog that's not about to be sooo much different than the other "girly" ones, except for one little thing - I am about to share all my love for music with you in my blog posts and update you with every single musical thing I adore and listen to alot. I am a very passionate music listener and an amateur musician, so, sharing music I love with you makes me unbelievably happy. :)

*    *    *

My name is Tinea, I am currently 25 years old and I live in Austria. I was born in Slovenia and raised in Serbia so, yeah, I am a little bit international. As I've already said, I adore music (I sing and play piano), visual arts, traveling, movies (thanks to my boyfriend <3), and beauty in every single way. Professionally, I am a sociologist that works in marketing and I love my job. :)

Before I start writing my very first themed-post, I'd like you to have two things in mind while reading it - please don't doubt my honesty and please don't be rude if your opinion differs from mine.
I am open for constructive critics, discussions, advices and collaborations and of course, as long as I can make it, I will be there for you.

*    *    *

You were maybe wondering why did I say "my new blog"? Well, I was writing an info-blog for future students in Vienna (in Serbian) and somehow I ran out of topics :) so, I decided to make a new one.

This blog is going to be written mainly in English so everyone can understand it.

So guys, thanks for your attention, hope you'll like my blog. I really do hope :)

me in Dubrovnik, Croatia; summer 2012.